Monday, November 17, 2008

So here I am at 25 weeks. I think my belly growth is starting to slow down a little bit now. I felt like up until week 16/17 I just felt bloated. And then between week 17 to about week 23/24 my belly quadrupled in size, and now it is starting to slow down again. I am proud to say I have not yet bought any maternity cloths. Well... ok, I did buy two belly bands - one black, and one white. But I got them at Target for cheap... and compared to $30 for one pair of maternity pants, thats a great deal! Plus I can wear them with all my regular pants, just unbuttoned. I figure that as long as I can still get them over my ass I am ok :) Oh... I am also including a picture of my dog Misha. She was whining at me when I was taking pictures of my belly, so I figured she was jealous and took one of her too. My next appointment is Dec. 5th, and then I have to start going every two weeks. Thats kind of scary, cause it means it is getting closer. Alot of people have asked me if I am nervous to be a parent for the first time. But I really don't think I am at all. After taking care of a niece and lots of friends babies I feel pretty confident to do it on my own now. Oh, I know you all are thinking that I won't be alone cause I have Mike, but if you new how little my husband actually new about babies you would understand. I would have to say that honestly the thing that freaks me out the most about everything is the labor part. I am a pretty big wuss.

Well... gotta get back to my friends reruns and leftover halloween candy (I know this will be great for my GTT at my next appt.)

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