Sunday, December 21, 2008

So it has been over a month since I have posted on here, and I'm sure that anyone who was every reading my blog gave up on me. But I am back people! Here is an update: we finally moved into our house the 3rd weekend in November. Mike's parents came down on a Friday and helped Mike move all our furniture over... I had to work that day. I felt bad for not being able to help but I probably wouldn't have been able to move much myself anyways. Plus it was really nice to come home to our new house and have everything moved in. I am however, still in the processes of unpacking everything. Then the following weekend my entire family came over for Thanksgiving, which was alot of fun and it was nice to see everyone all at once. Amy and I hit up the Black Friday sales... which ultimately sucked. The only store we were going to buy something at was Kohl's and the line to check out was about a mile long. The only reason I really wanted to go though was because I had never done it before, so at least I can say I have experienced that madness and I can safely say I will never put my self through that again.

I am 30 weeks right now, and counting. I am finding it very hard not to keep a countdown going. I have my next Drs. appt on the 30th and we have to go every two weeks now until Feb, and then it is every week after that. We also just registered for our birthing/preparation class, which we are luckily getting done in one weekend. We have the changing table and half of the crib set up and I have washed and organized all the cloths I have so far. We still have to paint the room which I'm not sure exactly what color I want to do yet. The bedding set Amy is making for me has mainly pink and blue in it. I'm not a huge fan of pink, so I don't think I want to paint her entire room pink. But I am afraid that if I go with blue it will look too much like a boy's room. So I am trying to figure out a way to incorporate both without looking too busy or gaudy. And I don't want to just paint it white because all the furniture is white and then it will just look like a solitary confinement room for a baby. Oh well, we still have two months to figure it out.

Ok... I am going to complain about one other thing. I can't wait until Christmas/Winter is over! I am already looking forward to summer and I believe today is only the first day of winter on the calendar... how sad. We put up our Christmas tree and decorated the weekend we moved in so I feel like it has been Christmas for forever now. I'm not too fond of the cold and wind... and the snow is ok, except when it takes me an extra hour and a half to get to and from work. Ok... I'm done.

I am posting a couple pics I just took of my baby bump since I have been getting requests. Mike says I look gianormis (word taken from Paris's vocabulary), but I still don't feel like I am that big. Although it does take me quite some time to put my socks and shoes on these days. And I have found out that I am unable to paint my toenails. I tried the other night and got one done and gave up. Otherwise I am feelin' pretty good. :)

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lolly said...

hope everything is still great! make sure you put up where you are registered- wish i could be there for showers and stuff! xoxo


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