Thursday, March 12, 2009

2 Weeks Old

Well, today was Hayden's 2 week checkup. Can you believe she is already 2 weeks old!! I can't. She is growing up so fast and soon will be heading off to college :( Ok... well maybe not soooo soon. Her check up went well. This was pretty much my first alone outing with her which I was a little nervous about. I overpacked her diaper back with way too many things and never once opened it the entire trip out. Hey... I was expecting the worst and at least I was prepared, so there. And although the nurse kept calling her "he" and "him" (I didn't correct her.. after all I did dress her all in dark green and her car seat is brown, green and cream colored.) I think she was a little taken aback when I pulled out a bright pink blanket to swaddle her in after she weighed her. Oh well. It was slightly humerous. She now weighs 7lbs and 10 ounces. So she has gained a whole pound since she has been born. What can I say - she is a bottomless pit, which she gets from her dad. Oh in other big news... her belly button fell off today!! yeah! we are so happy, because I always felt like I had to be so extra careful and manuver around it all the time when changing her.

Grandma Palin also came to visit today so I could go out by myself. I spent two whole hours at Target! I could have probably spent all day at that store though so thats not really a big deal.. but it felt oh so good to get out and not worry about Hayden. I forgot to get my dad's birthday present when I went out though so now I have to take her out with me tomorrow to go get it anyways since my parents are coming to visit on Saturday. Well see how it goes.

Hayden also started sleeping in her own bedroom last night. Mom and dad finally had enough of waking up at every little grunt, moan and cry she would let out during the night. I figure if she is crying I will hear her no problem. I also got her to sleep 4 hours in a row twice last night - which was awesome! I think it had to do with this swaddle sack I started to use. As soon as I wrapped her up in it she calmed down and went right to sleep. We will see if it lasts.

Other than that not much else new here. I am posting a photo of her at 2 weeks old. I know it looks the same as all her other ones... but what can I say the girl loves to sleep in her swing.


lolly said...

my first alone outing was also a 2hour trip to target. Josephine has that green hoodie too, in a bigger size of course. cute

Deeedra said...

You'll enjoy your time out shopping with Hayden. It's always nice to just get out. She is so cute! So glad to hear your getting sleep. I might have to try the swaddling thing. Everyone keeps telling me how great those things are. Let me know if it keeps working for you two.

Amy Weiler Photography said...

She is such a peanut...I can't wait to see you again. Megan can't stop talking about how she is a "BIG" cousin now...I think she thinks she is her sister. LOL Emily swaddled Sally until she grew out of them, and she was sleeping through the night. If it seems to be working let me know and I'll send some more your way. If there is anything else you can think of that you need let me know!!! Love you!!


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