Sunday, March 8, 2009

1 Week Checkup and Visitors

Hayden had her 1 week check up on Thursday and everything went well! All of our concerns we had, the doctor assured us that they were totally normal (constant hiccups, not wanting to wake up to eat - this little lady loves her sleep! , and congested nose). She has also gained back the weight she had lost when she had left the hospital... which was only 4 oz. but now she is back up to her birth weight, which the doctor says is excellent. Mike and I also noticed that she is already starting to look bigger. I know this is suppose to happen.. but come on! she is only 1 week old and she is already growing up too fast! Oh well, I guess thats how it goes.

I was a little bit nervous about Thursday night because Mike officially went back to work on Friday, and we agreed that I would be the one to get up with Hayden at night while I was still on maternity leave so that he could get his sleep. He just got promoted to store manager and needs lots of rest so we agreed to this arrangement, (except on the weekends of course) and then once I go back to work in 5 more weeks we will go back to taking turns getting up with her. But hopefully by then she won't need to get up quite so much. I think she is actually pretty good though I have nothing to compare her to since she is our first. Last night she only need to get up twice to eat between 11 and 7. So Mike and I only had to each get up once in the night which isn't so bad. Espcially for me, since anyone who knows me knows I love my sleep... which is probably where my daughter gets it from.

This weekend we also had some visitors come. My sister Amy, niece Megan, Amy's friend Emily and her 6 month old daughter Sally came to visit. Everyone was very excited to meet Hayden, especially Megan. She seems to love the role of the 'big cousin'. Amy was kind enough to help out feeding and changing Hayden on Saturday so that Mike and I could catch up on our sleep. She also babysat for a few hours Sat. night so that we could go catch a movie. And I must say as much as I loved getting out alone with my husband for a few hours, I really really missed my baby :(

Well, that is all for now...


lolly said...

I feel you, I miss Josephine all the time. I left her in the church nursery for the first time today and I just about died.

Deeedra said...

twice a night? That's really good! Count your blessings. My kids are horrible at night.
With three children, I still hate leaving any of them. It gets easier, but I can't help but wonder how it will be when they are teenagers. hmmmm.

Amy Weiler Photography said...

We'll just plan on my visits as your "Date Night"! ;) It was fun. Pop in a movie, turn on the fireplace, and add a little popcorn and it's a girls night. We had fun, can't wait for next time!


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