Friday, April 24, 2009

Ok.... it's been way too long since I've last posted. This weekend I am taking Hayden to Grandpa and Grandma Weiler's for the weekend, and of course Auntie Amy, Uncle Wayne and Cousin Megan will be there as well. Hayden will be 2 months old on Sunday! I can't believe it. I feel like I can never enjoy the moment. I'm am always wishing for the day when she can crawl, sit up, smile at me when I make a silly face, eat solids, babble, etc. But at the same time I am missing when I held her in my arms and she was just a little newborn peanut. I need to start learning to live more in the moment. I am definitly learning alot as a new parent and loving every minute of it! She is teaching me sooo much about myself as an individual, wife and mother.

I went back for my 6 week checkup with my OBGYN two weeks ago and towards the end of the visit he asked me if we were going to start on baby number 2 right away or if I would like him to write me a script. I gave him a look that made him whip out his pad and start scribbling without having to say anything more. But even though that was only two weeks ago I can totally see myself mentally and emotionally preparing to give Hayden a sibling. I definitely want to have more children, and although we are going to wait another year or two, I am completely in love with being Hayden's mom.

I am so happy the weather has been so nice lately. Last Friday when I got home from work I put Hayden in the stroller and we went for a walk around the block while Dad went to go get Pizza and movies for the night. I have to say I am starting to like our new neighborhood more and more. It seems to consist of alot of families with little kids. Everyone I passed on the sidewalk seemed really nice and I also discovered a playground in the middle of our subdivision; not to mention the elementary school is literally 3 blocks away. I can't wait for summer to really get here!!

I am putting up a pic of Hayden with her Auntie Erica. Erica drove all the way down from Alexandria on Sunday to visit.

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