Monday, October 27, 2008

So Saturday I decided I was going to go register for the baby. I will admit, it was a little bit intimitdating. Of course there were about 5 other couples registering at the same time and I was the only pregnant lady by myself. I started at the bottle/pacifier aisle (which seemed about a mile long and twenty feet high). Why does there have to be soooo many choices these days. I had know idea what I was doing. So after about a three hours wandering around aimlessly, I had successfully scanned about 10 things. I am going to go back and finish, but will probably wait until someone who knows something about babies can come with and help. I've also decided that I would like Santa to bring me both a sewing machine and a Cuisnart. I am going to attempt to start sewing - it would be nice to be able to make my own baby/kids cloths. And I also want to try making my own baby food. Baby food is way expensive, for like two spoonfuls of food. Plus this way it won't have all that extra crap like perservatives, food dye, sugar, etc. Well, I may not succeed at either of these endeavors but at least I will have tried. Ok... off to bed. P.S. I still have yet for someone to ask me if I am pregnant/when I am due/if I know what I am having... etc.... Come on people! Do I just look fat or what?


Deeedra said...

YAY for a blog! Don't be intimidated by babyfood. It is pretty easy to do and it tastes a million times better. I read somewhere a long time ago that studies show babies with homemade babyfood are not as picky of eaters as babies who eat store bought food. That's a good website that I used when learning about it.

Four years into little ones and I still can't keep up with all the baby stuff! It's insane! Apparently they don't make enough crap!

lolly said...

I actually had one guy ask me out to the bars and when I said no thanks because i don't drink and pointed to my belly he said Oh I thought you were just fat...and yeah I have yet to buy any baby food it's not at all difficult. i'm so excited for you.


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