Friday, August 14, 2009

5 Months

Sorry it's been awhile, I've been busy keepin' up with Hayden! She is growing so fast. She is such a chunker butt... I can't wait for her 6 month appt. to see how much she weighs... it's gotta be a ton. Not much new here, she is pretty close to sitting up on her own, but not quite yet, probably a few more weeks before she'll have that down. She is a pro at eating solids. She opens her mouth as wide as she can as soon as we put her in her high chair. And if we don't deliver the food to her in less then 5 seconds from the moment we put her in there she starts whining (which actually I think she's learned from Misha) Although sometimes she would rather lick the food off her bib then eat of the spoon in front of her face, she does pretty well for still being under 6 months. So far she's tried these veggies - squash, sweet potato, and peas. And these fruits - bananas, pear, peaches, and applesauce. She's also had some avocado but I'm one of those people that has no idea if its a fruit or a veggie.... so we'll throw it in it's own catagory. She has finally started sleeping through the night... thank god! She goes down around 8-8:30pm and doesn't wake up until 7-7:30am. I'm finally getting more than 4 hours of sleep in a row and lovin' it! Though we've had to switch to Huggies at night because the Target brand just doesn't hold it all until morning and we've had a few accidents. Oh... and her new fav toy is the TV remote - Yah!

So, I don't think I've mentioned this in any past posts but Hayden was born with a birthmark on the back of her head. It isn't anything too out of the ordinary, but it is about the size of a half dollar, brown and flat. Just your average birthmark. Her pediatrician has recommended that she see a pediatric plastic surgery, apparently just to check it out and make sure its ok because of the fact that it is located on her head. Well... her appt was back in June, and I had to work so Mikeed took her. He came home and told me that plastic surgeon says that it is too early to tell what should be done about it. ( He mentioned possible surgery). But he wants us to come back in a couple months and then he will decide. WTF?? So basically we had to pay this guy $100 to tell us nothing... WOW! And we don't think she needs surgery.. we're pretty sure he just wants to make money. I hate doctors like that! I'm still debating whether or not I want to take her back to see him again.

Here are some recent pics from the past month:

I heart Daddy.

Out for a walk to the park. Can you tell we live in MN - all bundled up in the middle of July.

My semi-new highchair Mommy got me on Craigslist for only 30 bucks - reg. sells at BRU for over $100. Love it! Although I had to throw the straps away because they smelt nasty from the previous baby that owned it. Other than that its great!

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