Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I'm trying to decide on what Hayden should be for Halloween. I'm not going to take her trick or treating... or anything like that cause she will only be 8 months, but I just want to dress her up in something cute so I can take a gazillon pics, plus its her first Halloween and all. I found a few cute ones - here are the contenders:

LadyBug Cow Peanut Yoda

Whadya think? Any favs?
Well... the only thing is that these are all under 20 dollars... cause I can't really justify to my husband spending more than that on an outfit she is going to wear for a couple hours. Otherwise, I saw some cute costumes at Babies R Us that are actually sleepers... and only 8 bucks. So she could technically wear it again. Well... I guess I still got 2 months to decide.
In other news: Hayden is officially 6 months old! Happy 1/2 B-Day Miss Hayden!! ... and as your father would say "Time to go out and get a job." Love ya Chunky Monkey (yes... she is one chunkey baby.. but I don't care cause it's soooo cute, suits her well).
Till next time...

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