Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Girl

Ok... so I've becoming terribly bad at updating this thing. I'm thinking of quiting all together. I love that I am doing it so that in the future I will have Hayden's first year down and something we can all look back on but it just feels like homework - and lets face it... nobody likes work. But I'm am going to try to keep doing it. We'll see... no guarantees.

Hayden is 7.5 months - she will actually be 8 months in about a week. She has changed so much, it seems like she is such a little sponge. She can now completely sit up unassisted. Although she occasionally has a tumble if she is too into playing with her toys... or Misha knocks her over. She has one bottom tooth and the second bottom tooth is just breaking on thru (she was a monster because of this today). She says "ba ba ba ba ba" over and over again. I started teaching her baby sign language a couple days ago. I 've only started with Milk, More and Food. They say start with three at a time. I haven't seen her do any of them yet, but I know it will take a while before she picks them up. I've been trying to remember to do them as much as possible, and have told Dad to do the same when I'm not home. She can take a bath in the real bathtub... not her baby bathtub anymore. She loves to splash her hands in the water, and she doesn't mind when I pour water over her head to wash the soap off. She is a great bather! She eats Puffs, pieces of bananas, ham, roast beef, bread, and apples with cinnamon sprinkled on. She has gotten pretty good at her pincer grasp. Although some pieces still do end up on the floor, on her face, wedged under her neck, and down her shirt. She rolls all over the place - I have officially started baby proofing ( actually I just put a couple foam thingys on the corners of the coffee table). She loves looking out the window - she could do this for hours I swear. She loves when Misha licks her face because she gets a big smile on her face, and she hates when she has to play by herself for too long.

So far Hayden has been to 3 weddings, 2 funerals, 1 birthday party, 1 pool party and has celebrated 2 major holidays. She took her first boatride this summer, has gone horse back riding at grandma and grandpas, spent a whole week a way from Mommy and Daddy, and has spent an entire week with her cousin Megan.

Since I think it is just absurd not to post pics in a blog post (especially of cute babies), so I am going to put some up in a separate post.


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